June 23

Welcome to iWannaRide

9/21/2014:  Finally got board enough to update and refresh iWannaRide.net.  Have updated the shed cam and added a chat feature.   I have added some interactive Facebook features that will allow me to post my race pictures here also.  Have also started working on integrating Vimeo with the site.  Stay tuned!

9/21/2012:  Ok, FINALLY got the All-in-One Facebook login feature working.  I ended up moving the site from the old server to a new one.  Yes, I have more than one server at my house!  Do you?  Anywho, iWannaRide.net should now be stable and useable.  I hope my Facebook friends will use this site, post to this site, and keep this site interesting.  Enjoy:  Scooter 3.14


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September 30

SECCA at Heart of Dixie

Well, what can I say?  Showed up on Friday evening, had a few cold ones with some great people, and then woke up Saturday morning to the sound of dirt bikes!

Had pretty good starts on both moto’s, with little effort.  Think I ended up like 4th and then 5th on the starts.  Overall riding improved.  Got the racing sag from 130mm to around 100mm.  Just put in new Eibach springs and forgot to adjust the rear spring.  No wonder I crashed three times last race at Stoney.

The sand-wash, which was a dry creek filled about 2′ deep of fine sand, was a blast!  Butt back, on the gas, and go!  Was pretty easy to figure out do NOT let up on the throttle.  If you do, the front tire will knife into the sand and toss you off.

September 21

Shed Cam is up!!!

Scooter Shed

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