September 22

SECCA @ The Tree Farm

Tree Farm, SECCA, Iwannaride, Mike Pegg, Mike Magee
Tree Farm, SECCA, Iwannaride, Mike Pegg, Mike Magee
Last year’s 2nd moto at the Tree Farm. RAIN!

The Prep:

Ok, so we are on for next Saturday’s SECCA Harescramble down near Maplesville, Al. The Tree Farm Harescramble. Fast place to ride, unless it is like last year where it rained heavy just before the 2nd moto! Wow, that make it very interesting. Anywho, the weather is supposed to be cool & pretty much dry!

Currently my bike is kinda taken apart, mostly the front end.  Had to pull off the forks & triple clamps.  The neck bearings were binding up.  I have noticed this getting worse over the past couple months.  Sure enough, the top bearings were dry, a scored, and coated.  Maybe coated with rust, but I will reserve my comment there.  I have cleaned the bearings, greased them and put the triple clamps back on.

Fork Oil, Fork Oil Refresh, iWannaRide
Leveling up the fork oil with fresh Bell Ray Fork Oil.

I have to check the front fork oil levels.  Never under estimate  the power of fork oil levels.  Anywho, am needing to stop typing on this blog and get my butt into the shed and finish up my bike.

Ok, only took me like 20 minutes and I have topped off the oil levels in both forks.  Seals must still be ok, as I didn’t have to much at all.  This is a good thing.  Put the forks back onto the triple clamps.  For an ’06 YZ250F top pinch bolts 23Nm and the bottom pinch bots tighten to 20Nm.  Take a note of it and don’t forget it.  As I am sure I will need to know this pretty soon and will have to look it up again!  UGH!  Stupid memory losing brain.

No-Toil Filters, iWannarRide, Mike Magee
No-Toil filter, cleaner, oil, and rim grease. Love’n this stuff.

All that is left now is to tighten the triple camp top bolt, put the handle bars back on, oil up a new air filter, put it in, and put the seat back on.  Oh, I have recently purchased two No-Toil air filters and the bio-degradable cleaner, oil, and grease.  Love this stuff.  You throw the dirty filters in the washing machine, when the wife isn’t looking, put in 1/2 cup of dry detergent and a 1/2 cup of No-Toil detergent, and wash with cold water.  In like 15 minutes you have very clean filters.  Love it!

Ok, done for the day.  Need to hang out by the pool & drink a few cold ones with the wife.  Hmmm, Life is getting pretty good.  Dirt bikes, great weather, colds ones, and a beautiful lady hanging out at the pool.  Could it get better, you bet…but that is ok.  2nd place isn’t so bad.  LOL!!!

9/23/12:  Got the front wheel and handle bars all situated back on the bike.  Cleaned out the air box, but it really didn’t need it, and then oiled up an air filter with rim grease and put that puppy on.  Seat is back in place now.  Really the only thing left is to put chain wax on the chain and put new tare-offs on the goggles.  Riding gear is already clean and in the travel bag.  Now just gotta wait like 5 1/2 days…

Phillip Harris
Phillip & I are becoming riding buddies.

9/28/12:  Ok, it is the day before race day, or DBRD as I like to think of it.  Bike is ready and everything.  Looks as if Phillip Harris and I are going to ride down to Billingsly, Al together.  Makes sense, seeing we both leave very close to each other.

As for the expected weather, there is a 30% chance of rain down there on Saturday.  This might be a good thing, as the Tree Farm is pretty sandy and in dry conditions, it gets pretty dusty.  With a rain, the trails are perfect!  I recall last year the trails were wet from the previous days rain and then it rained on us at the start of the 2nd moto.

Scooter Magee, Race Ready, Hare scramble
Scooter is Race Ready!

Yeah it was heavy rain and the goggles were pretty much useless, but the trails held up good.  This go-around, I don’t expect that much rain, but if it all comes down at one time, who knows.

Race Day:

Race day started real early.  Woke up around 5:ooam and Phillip arrived around 5:30am.  We had my bike and gear packed in 15 minutes, I brought a thermos full of coffee and off we went.  When we arrived, which we arrived 2 hours early, which seems too early, but it does give you time to get settled in and to allow the butterflies to slow down.  I was a fairly cool morning, but much like the Chickenhouse race, the humidity was way up there.

The following videos are of Moto 1 & Moto 2, all six laps.  Just click on the link you wanna watch.

SECCA – Moto 1, Lap 1

SECCA – Moto 1, Lap 2

SECCA – Moto 1, Lap 3


SECCA – Moto 2, Lap 1

SECCA – Moto 2, Lap 2

SECCA – Moto2, Lap 3

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